Writing Assignment 3

There’s not much that happened in Chicago during the allotted time period I’m truly interested in. Serial killers are quite fun to research and study, but sadly thee’s not enough of those in Chicago at the time. So, I will write about the mafia in Chicago since they had a lot going on, plenty of homicides, corruption with police, and even underground passages and mysteries still unsolved about them today. The mafia always has been interesting given how they get do such much without being found out, have so much control over the police, and so much of the time be quite loyal to each other despite being all criminals.

I did change my interest from the previous response. While police shootings and all of that is a problem even still today, I think there’s more information on the mafia out there, and would be easier for me to write about. I don’t have the time for too much work, and after losing my dog, my best friend, it’s hard enough to just go about my day, so something easier would be best for me at this hard time.

I don’t think the database could really be of much help to me. Honestly, it seems so confusing, so I’ll use other resources. I think for the law I will look more into how the law didn’t stop so many of the mafia due to not enough evidence, lack of witnesses, etc. So many criminal still go free today because they managed to hide their tracks, and without the evidence, you can’t arrest someone.

I think the main questions I would ask would be when the mafia first started to show up in Chicago? Why it was able to grow as large as it did? What was it doing that was enabling it to expand? How it was able to avoid the law and/or use the law and law enforcement to help them? Who were the leaders of the mafia? Were there more men, any women, or any children involved? How was prohibition part of the mafia? What other events in Chicago at that time helped or harmed the mafia? How did the mafia change Chicago at that time and even today? What began the downfall of the mafia? How many homicides and other crimes did the mafia commit during this time? What reasons were there for these homicides and other crimes?


Some sources I have found to get started are as follows:

I’ll use wikipedia to get more names of mafia members and events, then I can target these people and events to find more information about them from other sources.

Another wikipedia page that can help me do some filtering and find events and names to look up.

A nice list of names of some mobsters with brief history.

The Mob Museum has a lot of good information.

History.com has more information.

This website, The American Mafia, has quite a bit of stuff.

This book: Al Capone: A Biography.

Another list of names.

Will need to find more primary sources that I can actually access online. But, for now that’s what I collected for secondary sources.


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