Project Proposal

I will be studying the mafia in Chicago during the 1920s. I find the mafia interesting to learn about, and hope to find more about their impact on the community. Such as how much crime rates increased, how the mafia’s presence affected the people living in Chicago, the kind of things the mafia was doing, etc.


Some sources I have found to get started are these which I listed before.

I’ll use wikipedia to get more names of mafia members and events, then I can target these people and events to find more information about them from other sources.

Another wikipedia page that can help me do some filtering and find events and names to look up.


.¬†¬†“Notorious Mobsters and Gangsters from Chicago’s Prohibition Era.”¬†Timeout. March 4, 2017. Web.

List of names and things they did.

The Mob Museum. “The Chicago Mob vs Chicago Street Gangs.” The Mob Museum. July 21, 2013. Web.

Effect of the mafia with homicides and drug crimes. “Mafia in the United States.” Web

Mafia organizing, how prohibition helped form the mafia.

The American Mafia. “The American Mafia – Chicago Bosses.” The American Mafia. Web.

Names and bios of mafia members and some things they did.

Lorizzo, Luciano J. “Al Capone: A Biography.” Greenwood Publishing Group. Web.

Al Capone’s relationship to the Chicago mafia.

American Historama. “Chicago Mafia.” American Historama.” Web.

List of names and basic info.


I have been having trouble finding primary sources on this subject that are not the Chicago Homicide Website. I will be looking into libraries such as the one near my house to see if they may have books with the primary sources listed inside, or if I can find something online. So far, I still have not been able to locate good primary sources online. (Any advice or help would be appreciated!)

(I will update this when I do find more sources, especially primary ones… Hopefully I can find something soon!)


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