Art Lessons

I am a college graduate with a BA in Fine Art with a concentration in drawing. I have experience giving art lessons to children 3-18 years old, working with special needs students, and group lessons.


Those who have never done art before or have some to much experience are all welcome! I will teach students the Elements of Art and Foundations of Design, push pull, and how to work in a variety of mediums.


Mediums I can teach are: Graphite, charcoal, ballpoint pen/ink, watercolor pencil, acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolor paint, chalk pastel, oil pastel, markers, and non-traditional such as coffee, red wine (grape juice for the little ones), wire, painting on feathers and leaves, etc. I also can teach how to make sculpture using found objects, tape, panty hose, coffee filters, etc.


Lessons are at my house, but parents are welcome to stay and watch! I live in Centreville. $25/hr each student. $35 for two students for one hour.


I also can help older students with preparing a portfolio to get into art school if you have any highschoolers who are preparing for that next step in life.

Message for more info.