Artist Statement

I was born and raised in the countryside of central Missouri, surrounded by nature and little human interaction. Living in an abusive household, not being allowed to leave, and my only interaction with the outside world being cartoons on TV, I started to make up my own characters at a very young age. Since I was 6 years old I have been drawing, designing, naming, and coming up with stories about dragons, aliens, and various other mythological characters as a means to escape the harsh life around me. Hiding in the woods with my cats and dog, my only comfort was non-human animals, so I never made human characters for my stories. I kept my stories and characters as focused on anything other than humans as possible.

As I started to learn more about the world by getting by security blocks on the computer that my parents installed to try and control their children, I began to make my stories more realistic, more violent, and reflecting how awful the real world is. When I finally escaped my abusive parents, my stories delve even deeper into psychological abuse, physical abuse, domestic violence, animal rights, human rights, and all the issues of the world. As my stories went down this path, my art did as well as I drew out my characters living in this world, the real world, the horrors and violence they face, and the monsters who seem so normal on the outside, but are hiding what they truly are. Manipulating and controlling those who don’t know better.

As I’ve done more work on my stories in this nature, I also began to draw vegan artworks, bringing forth the harsh reality of what is being done to these innocent animals when there’s no need to. I do not hold back, showing the blood, the gore, the fear, the horrors, the silent screams bellowing in the darkness behind the closed doors kept lock to fool the world.

I work primarily in traditional mediums, such as watercolor pencils, graphite, ballpoint pen, markers, and a little bit of mixed media. I usually work on smaller scale, about 8”x11”, so that I can scan them and post online. I do work a little on larger scale, but it is not my preferred size.

I enjoy line art and hope to soon be able to color in my line art digitally with photoshop. Digital art is something I hope to one day be good at, but for now I am primarily working on getting better with my traditional art.

Designing my creatures and characters, I take inspiration from what God already designed around us. I take anatomy from several animal species and mash them together to create new species. My favorite anatomy to work with is equine, canine, feline, human, bat, snake, crocodilian, and avian. Anatomy, biology, and the structure of animals is something I enjoy studying and working with to create new species, how they live, and what they require to live in their environments.

While my stories dive into psychology and mental illness more than my art does, I do have some pieces that go into this subject. Mostly with cognitive dissonance with how people exploit animals believing it “necessary,” but some of my art does illustrate some of what it’s like to live with PTSD, depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies.    ­­

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